Hawaii Rugs styled with a floral tropics design

At a recent exhibition in Harrogate I stumbled upon an interesting floral rug design concept. While the design was by no means unique it did have hints of North American trends and the botanical essence of tropical Hawaii. The floral rugs designed with bold flowers much like the Hawaiian shirts and the colouring are subtly and tastefully contrasted to bring the tropics to your home. I can tell when good quality wool has been used to make a rug by the clarity of the yarn colour, cheaper yarn produces duller colours. The carving has been painstakingly etched by hand into the rug to bring floral rudiments of the design to life. As the rug is hand tufted the backing is jute.

It is difficult to say whether the rug would fall into the traditional or modern category, I think it just needs to be looked at as a rug that could look equally at home in modern or traditional surroundings. In the USA they would possibly describe the design as transitional which is a contemporary design with traditional elements.

The Hawaii rug is produced by hand in China under licence to a British Importer who is currently distributing on a very limited basis. The rug is produced in three sizes a medium sized 120cm x 180cm priced at around £200, a large sized 160 x 230cm priced at around £350 and an extra large 200cm x 290cm priced at around £480. Similar products available are Nourison Tropics Rug Collection but you can expect to pay a hefty premium for a similar design style.